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ayumi's full story.

Posted by swirlwaffle - July 7th, 2022

  • before we start i would like to say that this is really pretty important so listen here
  • Ayumi's story is now after years of trying it is finally done. this has taken me legit years to do trial n error but now. it's done!
  • i also wanna say thank you to all those who supported me through all this. ik that the exe community is shitty rn but you all have brought me to a place in time where i never thought I'd reach.
  • and now. it's done you all now get to know the full story again. thank you all for everything. the support is amazing and well.
  • i love yall. with all my heart so in conclusion. have fun reading it n take care love u all 💖💖💖

with that being said......

i bring you...

snow grave.

  •            Saturday, December 24 christmas eve. 1996


It was a cold snowy noon, families gathering and spending time with their children. The stars glow in the sky with the moon shining bright with the sun falling to the other side but, in all of the snow and happiness a young woman named Ayumi would be walking to a store to return a sega console with the game “Sonic CD”. it was not far nor close what she did not know was that these few steps would be her last she would ever take.

Beyond her area, a car appears. With 3 drunk teens after a party leaving to go home these 3 were. Jason, Jasmine, and henry. All of which were drunk. Jason loses balance not knowing better, Ayumi notices the light behind her becoming brighter and brighter. Before she even knew what happened the car rams into her. Badly injured she lays on the ground in pain. The car stops. And a figure (Jason) goes to her, pulls a pistol out of his pocket and shoots her between her eyes right in the skull.

Jason walks back to the car with the other two waiting. He gets in and drives off leaving her to bleed and suffer a long painful death. She died that fateful noon. Never being able to see her boyfriend, family, friends. All of it down the drain.


This would not be the end for her just yet…she would come back just… not the same human woman she was before. Remember the console she was carrying? yeah. Well. that console had something within it: something… dark, evil, devilish. This thing in fact was the devil though this devil was not like any other. In her childhood he was a watcher, always keeping an eye on her. He had an interest in how she acted; he would take this too a controlitive advantage when she died.

Her body would never be found, only blood was found with nothing else anywhere.

Ayumi opens her eyes looking around her only seeing the dark void with nothing to touch but the wet black inky floor she gets up and stands on her feet and takes a moment to take this whole thing in. before she can say anything she hears a voice.

A deep groaning voice. She turns her head to the voice only to see a tall figure wearing a robe. She looks up to see a mask staring down back at her. He makes a deal with her to make her the most powerful thing alive (this being true but never will she find happiness.) she accepts and shakes his hand as this happens he is now one with her.

Becoming a slave to him also known as….

The keeper.

Jason wakes up dizzy. His friends are in the other rooms one after the other. They all wake up not remembering a single thing from the other night. Jasmine leaves to go get something at a store while Jason and Henry stay and chill. For those two everything is normal. But. for Jasmine she drives but she hears something in the back so she stops her car on the side of the road to make sure the noise in the back was not someone. She looks and instead of seeing nothing and driving on. She sees a human. Not just any human. Ayumi. And her dead corpse lunges at her, peeling away her skin and breaking every bone in her body. 

Jason and Henry were next…

Henry stops talking and starts to hear voices in his head. In surprise he grabs a knife stabbing it into him. Right in his heart. Jason freaking out moves away and pulls out his gun pointing it anywhere he could though it was not behind him or in front. Instead. He looks up to see a furry animal with an X on its head. It kicks him down to the ground and eats away his flesh. Jason screams in pain but no one hears him. He is with the others.

For the next horrid, torturing, horrific years of her and the others would be nothing but fighting and torture for years upon years. It would not stop with ayumi killing and killing with the keeper making her do it all at once. She never enjoyed it despite making a deal.

But jason.

He would not become a toy to them just yet.

He was determined to save her. Help her, and so he kept on fighting resisting everything the keeper had to offer with ayumi as a slave. Hope seemed lost but he would make sure in all of his power to stop him and save her from her fatal mistake and his own mistake. fixing his own faults and his mistakes. He may have caused it.

But he will end it before it gets worse.

With the others as slaves to her and the keeper it all looks as if everything is lost.

But you forgot something.

Ayumi’s boyfriend and future husband Michael is still alive…

And he found the console.

After the death of ayumi all those years ago he has lived in sorrow and depression. He sees the game in a store and buys it. Not knowing how deep this would all go for him. He gets home and starts to play. Like any other game it starts normal but then the game takes control and shows him….


This is the moment where the keeper is focused on him and lets go. Ayumi finally breaks free and now with Jason helping her realize they both know with everyone else knowing. This was it. The end of it all.

And So it starts with a bang. With Ayumi and Jason fighting the keeper together and with Henry and Jasmine joining to fight him. They all do this with Micheal watching it all with the devil almost reaching him but with them fighting him it makes him weak.

He falls to his knees in defeat.

They talk. Speaking about the past and how it was all planned for her to go into the game and how she should just listen to him. As a final few words to her.

She pushes his body off into the pit that opened just for him

Ayumi and the others watch as he falls back into his pit of hell. Where he belongs.

Micheal in shock takes the game out but nothing works. He sobs remembering all the memories him and her had. He looks back at the screen seeing all of them staring back at him with the text above saying…

 “I know you will miss me. But I will be in a better, safer place. I will not be gone forever. For I will always be with you. We are always together just like our promise michael. Together. Forever.” 

He sees this and the game shuts off forever with them waving goodbye.

Ayumi and the others are free and now their souls can rest in peace and live on with all who died before. They watch from above forever being in peace for their redemption was what made them truly forgivable in their past actions.

Micheal gets help and finds himself to be more happy knowing he is never alone. He goes on to be a nice loving kind person too all knowing he saved many by simply opening the game on that day.

And the keeper is forever trapped in the game where he remains to be forever tortured for all of time. Burning with all the others he took with him he would now feel what he caused to others for all of time.

And so the nightmare ends

All got what they truly deserved 

Some got the good


Not so much

On that christmas eve

Everything changed

For everyone


This ending road

Would lead to a redemption

Jason never gave up even if it was all gone

Ayumi was tortured till she broke the cycle 

Jasmine and henry live on to be free from all of it

And the keeper

The darkest pit of hell opened for him

Now he stays there


                      The end.