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“We don't live forever. None of us will. And someday. This world will crumble. But before it does. Don’t waste it all in sorrow and anger. Live to your fullest. Your life is your own. The sky is bright as a red apple. You are who you make yourself to be. Don't give up. I love you.”

-Jason Woods. 1989


                               SNOW GRAVE

                                  SEASON 2

After the events of 1996 Michael never forgot what happened. But he did not live in sorrow. For he knew that his girlfriend was in a place where she could speak and not be muted without her consent. The others went with her for they have redeemed themselves. And the demon who caused their anger and sadness was finally over and he got where he deserved to be. He lives on to be happy. Kind. and honest for a long time he never saw the light. But now. He can live in happiness.

Before continuing we must go to the young ages of Ayumi, Jason, and henry.

In the past all three of these people were friends

When they became teenagers around 13 to 14.

Jason and Ayumi were dating.

This would not last long due to Ayumi moving places.

Henry had family issues and for a long while

Ayumi was alone.

This was until she found Michael

Jason forgot about her. Due to his obsessed drinking

And drug habits.

Henry forgot too. With how busy he was he just had no time at all.

Before that night happened.

It was all perfect.

But we know.

This would not last long.

Within the present age, a boy named Max is interested in the afterlife and the supernatural. He’s heard the story of the girl who died on Christmas eve. And is trying to decipher it all. He just knows there’s something else to all of this. And he will find out.

On one day Max went around asking people about what happened with that whole thing. Though no one really knew. But Max got to the house of Michael valentine. He asks him about it, Michael takes him inside to explain hours later when they are done, Max goes home and now tries to piece it together he connects everything. Almost. He is missing the one thing where it all happened.

The game.

He ponders and wonders where this game could be.

Michael looks through some boxes only to find his girlfriend's Sega mega drive console. He remembers a lot from back then and he wants to play it again to relieve the golden age. As he is about to play it, he hears a knock on his door.

It’s that guy max again. He asks Michael about where this game is. Caring enough. He leads Max to the attic where he found it. They both agree to play it and find if anything has changed. 

And so, they start the game. Greeted with the golden glow of the Sega intro they play through it with no changes. But. it cuts to black. With a red face staring at them. Michael knew who this was, but Max did not. The game shuts off and they feel the ground shake slightly. But it begins to grow. More violent and faster. Below their feet they see a gateway open. Carving its way to as far as it can reach. They run far from the gapping hell opening before their eyes.

The sky becomes red with the chimes of clocks and the screams of hellish beings come out from the hole. People watch it all happen without knowing what will happen. Then. the devil himself comes out of the gate. Showing his ripped cloak and the bloody bones of millions around him. He stands tall with demons around him bowing down. 

Immediately thousands are dead from his wrath, children and grown adults are killed all one by one. Some die slowly and others get a fast death. Max and Michael look at the giant himself looming over them as they think they are going to die. They see a bright flash in front of them creating a shockwave around the area. As the smoke clears, they see Ayumi, Jason, henry, and jasmine all in one place with the crater beneath them. All four of them and the keeper have a light talk about the past and right now.

Then they started fighting. 

All four of them. All against one.

This was their last battle.

To end what was started on that Christmas eve.

All four attack without warning, all with Michael and Max watching. The battle lasts for a long time before the keeper gets tired and gives up. Jason and Ayumi now finally push him in. one. Final. Time. 

he screams and screams his way down to hell. The cracks in the ground heal their wounds. The body's reform into their lifely human form and everything returns to what it was before

Families hug their children in relief. And others cheer in happiness

Ayumi goes over to Michael and hugs him telling him she loves him. And all of them give off their final goodbyes before going back to the place they deserved. The two look at each over both happy and confused. They hug it out and decide to just watch from a distance. On a small hill above the city. The smoke and fire burns with sirens crying in the distance. But it does not bother them. They watch it all from the hill. Smiling.

Michael looks up with tears in his eyes. He knows she looks down. With a smile on her face. He closes his eyes and sighs in relief.

The nightmare is over. We can rest. This time… forever.

The end.


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